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COVID-19 Guidelines

We currently have 6 COVID positive residents.


Outdoor visits are currently on hold. We will update you as soon as we start them back up!

Outdoor visits are here!!!  We know that you are very anxious to see your loved one and they are just as excited to see you.  Outdoor visits will begin on Monday June 29th.  At this time they will be from 10am to 5pm Monday through Friday until we make sure we have everything running smoothly.   There are some restrictions and guidance that has to be followed from the Illinois Department of Public Health with these visits: 

- No more than 2 visitors during the visit. 

- An appointment must be made with the facility more than 24 hours in advance.  You may make an online appointment by going to our Facebook page and following the appointment link there: facebook.com/hillviewhealthcare  Or you may call 618-658-2951 option 2 to make an appointment.   

- Once your appointment is made, someone from Hillview will call you and go through a CDC checklist with you within 24 hours before your appointment time. 

- Once you are here for your appointment, ring the doorbell at our front door.  An employee will come outside and do the same CDC checklist and check your temperature before your visit.   

- Your visit will take place with visitors at the end of the building where the driveway goes around, there is a bench to sit on there under the awning.  The Resident will be inside the gazebo area.   

- There must be a 6 foot distance kept between resident and visitors at all times. 

- Visitors and Residents must wear a face covering at all times during the visit. 

- Visits will be monitored by staff to ensure social distancing and face coverings are being worn.  

- Visits will be limited to 30 minutes at this time. 

Please do not hand anything through or over the fence to a resident or staff member.  If you have brought something for a resident, please give to the employee that takes your temperature at the front door.  If it is a food or drink item that you have brought for them to enjoy during your visit, the staff member will give to them.  If it is any other type of item, it will be put in quarantine for 24 hours and then given to the resident. 

We know there are a lot of restrictions, but please bear with us as we try to follow all state guidelines and get you as much time with your family as possible!  This will be an evolving guidance and changes will be made as the need arises.  Thank you for allowing us to take care of your loved one!


If you would like to speak to your loved one on a direct line, please call our Resident phone at 618-771-7664. If you would like to schedule a Zoom meeting, please schedule an appointment by going to our Facebook page:  facebook.com/hillviewhealthcare or email Tori at tbert.hillview@yahoo.com
If you would like to check on your loved one, please call and speak to a nurse: 618-658-2951, option 3.
COVID 19 Policy